US kids consuming less fruits and vegetables

Obesity, no wonder, has become the hottest topic among all the health bodies of the world and particularly in US. It is no surprise to hear or read about new measures taken to tackle the problem of obesity at a mass level, and to make the parents and children aware about the possible disadvantages of obesity. A similar measure has been taken by MetroWest Community Health Care Foundation. The foundation have launched a $250,000 public awareness campaign–it is meant to awaken parents to the dangers of childhood obesity.

kids consuming less fruits and vegetables 2The campaign is using a mixture of different media options such as billboards, television spots, and print advertisements. Though we are not sure about the response that the campaign would receive; however, it can be easily gauged that the effort of the foundation is worth appreciating–awareness is the best treatment for obesity, and it has been repeatedly found that parents of most obese children are not aware about what they need to do and what they are doing. Apart from the awareness campaign, the foundation has handed out more than $1 million in grants to schools, community centers, and social service groups for fitness, nutrition, and health education programs aimed at reducing obesity–it clearly marks the commitment of the foundation and the thinking that goes behind such laudable efforts.

A person, who is well aware about the gravity of the situation about obesity, will surely applaud the efforts undertaken by the foundation, and would surely help in her or his way to make the campaign successful. It is clear that parents are the best tools who can work for the reduction of obesity among the children. But it is also pretty clear that they do not know their potential and also the source from where they can draw inspiration–they lack awareness and knowledge about the possible effects of obesity, and also the measures that are needed to tackle obesity.