Weight Loss Rather than Weight Gain during the Holidays

Several studies have shown that overweight people gain more weight during the holidays than non-overweight people. In one study, Drs. Baker and Kirschenbaum also found that overweight participants in professional weight control programs gained 500% more weight during holiday weeks compared to non-holiday weeks (in Health Psychology, 1998, 17: 367-370). This means that holidays, with the continuous celebrations and ever-present high-fat and calorie-dense foods, are risky times for those who seek weight loss.

However, research also shows that weight controllers can not only learn to manage the challenges of the holidays, they can master them. Research has pointed to a number of critical elements of effective weight control during such high risk occasions. Consider taking the following steps if you want to join the ranks of those actually lose weight during the holidays.

Establish a solid foundation on high-risk days. The foundation for effective weight management is activity. Almost every study on individuals who succeed in maintaining weight loss over time shows that frequent activity contributes substantially to success. So, on days with celebrations planned, if you begin the day with a brisk walk or some other activity, you are much more likely stay focused on your goals and get your body activated. Your metabolic rate (the amount of energy your body needs at rest) can either work for you or against you. If you stay active every day, you’ll keep your metabolic rate from becoming too efficient (needing fewer calories).

In addition, controlled eating, especially in the morning, will also help you stay focused, building a foundation of the kind of habits that you’ll need throughout your life for successful weight control. Consider having a relatively high-protein breakfast (like an egg white omelet or fat-free cheese melted on an English muffin) to keep your hunger relatively quiet prior to the party.

Plan ahead. When you plan ahead, you can predict and control your world. For example, think about your next party:
– Who is going to be there?
– What kind of food will be served?
– When are you going to leave?

You can call your host and get a preview of the menu. You can make a list of what you will eat, with whom you will talk, and how you will stay focused on successful weight control even during the party. Controlling alcohol intake may be critical along those lines. How about considering a 2-drink limit? That leads to better restraint and better focus on the big picture of your life.

Avoid starvation before celebration. Starving before a big holiday meal or party can increase the chances of binge eating. Starving produces deprivation and strong biological drives to eat anything. An alternative approach would have you eating low-fat low-sugar foods throughout the day as usual, and making sure to eat some source protein immediately prior to the event (e.g., low-fat beef or turkey jerky; fat-free cheese or yogurt).

Study the food scene. After arriving at the celebration, you can quickly survey the available options. Perhaps you will notice fresh fruits or vegetables that will work for your eating plan. You might also discover that the main course will keep you on target (for example, a turkey dinner can work very well). This initial survey should enable you to avoid the incredibly calorie-dense, high-fat chips and dips, nuts, and appetizers.

Monitor the details of your eating and activities. The research on this point is especially clear. Those who write down virtually everything they eat and their activities are far more likely to lose weight during the holidays, and during non-holiday weeks, as well. If you use goals for your eating plan (like no more than 20 fat grams per day), then by self-monitoring you’re eating every day, you can bring those goals to life – and use them as motivators. Every time you eat something, you’ll compare that food to the 20 fat gram goal and see if you are on course to beat the goal. In a similar way, if you use a pedometer to keep track of your steps, then by monitoring the number of steps taken each day, you’ll encourage yourself to reach your step goal (like 10,000 steps per day).

Refocus your holiday season. You can break the holiday tradition of focusing on special foods and parties. Why not focus on other people, special projects, helping others, and finding new ways to relax?

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New Weight Loss Program Makes it Easy and Fun to Count Calories

The Holidays are upon us. The work parties and family gatherings are in full swing. With all this good cheer and camaraderie come lots of delicious foods and many of our favorite drinks. When the Holidays are over many Americans realize they’ve packed on a few too many pounds since Thanksgiving, and they will be going on their annual post-Holiday diet.

Every January millions of Americans begin the painstaking effort of reducing their waistlines by going on diets. The types of diets we attempt are as varied as the ingredients in Aunt Merla’s secret fruitcake recipe. Nearly all weight loss plans have one ingredient in common — counting calories. Monitoring calorie intake can be a real hassle and usually isn’t done very well by dieters past the first day.

One new weight loss program, Calorie Cash, helps dieters track calories by following a simple monetary system and making calorie counting fun. Calorie Cash works in conjunction with nearly all other weight loss plans. This patent-pending program provides dieters Calorie Cash that they can use to “buy” the food and drink they consume. By learning to spend Calorie Cash to “pay” for all the food and beverages they intake, users of Calorie Cash end up limiting their caloric intake and losing weight.

Calorie Cash was invented by Paul Hack, a former overweight person, well known investment consultant, and now founder of Calorie Cash. Hack, like many others, has attempted dozens of other dieting programs. He’s tried pills, shots, books, and meetings with success losing some weight, but he just couldn’t keep it off. Understanding money and how it motivates people led Hack to create Calorie Cash. “As Americans we’re all pretty good at spending money, so Calorie Cash makes it real easy for anybody to follow the program,” states Hack.

As the program’s first test subject, Hack lost 30 pounds in a few months using Calorie Cash — and he has been able to keep it off longer than he was able to with any of the other diets he tried. “I think the program is a natural complement to any weight loss program out there. Calorie Cash helps dieters have fun tracking their calories. And when people stay within the target range of caloric intake that they’ve set for themselves, they lose weight, and keep it off,” remarks Hack.

Hack maintains that Calorie Cash works because it makes keeping track of what you eat, and losing weight, simple and fun. To help participants in the Calorie Cash plan plot their weight loss and budget their Calorie Cash, an online Weight Loss Calculator is available on the company’s website at http://thefitcrasher.com . All you have to do is fill in a few blanks and the Weight Loss Calculator will automatically determine the number of daily calories that you can eat, and how long it will take you to reach your goal weight.


Lose Weight Without Moving Your Ass

Losing weight is that the most troublesome task one will bump into in their lifespan. It takes heaps of sweat, efforts, money, pain, and discipline. And speaking of consultants, they assert – ‘No Pain No Gain’.

But what would you say if somebody tells you a couple of ‘No Pain All Gain’ method? affirmative, if you’re not the one WHO likes to power and sweat through a treadmill interval physical exertion or reckoning calories, there area unit several straightforward ways to soften away those unpleasant pounds.


So, here area unit five terribly straightforward ways that to reduce while not heading to a athletic facility or following a diet process:

Water as a Starter

You can begin every meal with a glass of water. this can assist you keep hydrous and feel fuller instantly. This additionally prevents gula.


This is one thing you’ll be able to do to reduce simply. All you wish to try and do is think about creating many straightforward swaps at each meal. as an example, you’ll be able to select a sauce vinaigrette dressing over creamier choices. Banishing dressing and transfer within the better of low fat possibility like additional light-weight vegetable oil can facilitate. contemporary fruits area unit higher choices as compared to the dried ones. This way, you’ll be able to prepare a full list of easy swaps in your day to day meals to avoid wasting consumption of calories.

create Wise course decisions

Desserts area unit the foremost irresistible of all cravings. Hence, it’s vital to grasp the way to management these desire so as to stay weight on top of things. as an example, if you carve for frozen dessert, opt for yoghourt with fruits. this is often a delicious nevertheless low fat possibility. If it’s the ras malai or gulab jamun you yearn for once dinner, acquire a chunk of semi-sweet chocolate. alternative choices such cookies within the break area, munchies, candies, jellies etc. can take a toll on your weight. The semi-sweet chocolate might not cause you to feel nice quite few times, however as you create it a habit, you’ll like to have it. It saves heaps of calories and helps you relish a healthier nevertheless decadent treat.

management Portion

To reduce, you wish to be terribly conscientious with portion management. Losing weight solely comes right with sticking out to the proper parts at each meal. thus this implies you wish to live out snacks well rather than ingestion them right from the bag. you’ll be able to even create use of smaller plates to trick your mind into thinking smaller parts area unit a lot of filling and substantial. Thereafter, you wish to easily store leftovers instantly to stay any quite temptations cornered.

Move More

Don’t be shocked. it’s right that you simply the article is all concerning losing weight while not moving ass. However, here, we have a tendency to area unit talking concerning burning solely many additional calories by moving a bit a lot of throughout the day. as an example, you’ll be able to take some breaks to run round the workplace or take stairs, move to the lot or walk whereas you discuss phone. These little steps can take assist you to require care of your weight and up your calorie burn day after day.

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Weight Loss Tip

Each one people wishes to possess an idea body. as luck would have it hundreds is obtainable recently among the name of weight loss technique. but with less of some time and energy let with the overall public recently, exercise and special diets became out of question.


Don’t worry. There ar selection ways in which within which to slenderize. curiously, most of these can assist you cut back weight whereas not diet or exercise. it’s true that increasing the activity and reducing calories is that the most effective to slenderize. However, for those who haven’t got a great deal of your time, listed below ar some ways in which within which to slenderize whereas not diet or exercise:

Green Tea

Sipping in tea will assist you slenderize. one in every of the key reasons behind this may be as a results of they contain very high amounts of polyphenols. Studies reveal that prime levels of polyphenols in tea enhance metabolic system of body to relating to four per cent. this may be a significant vary. faster metabolism permits body to unhitch further relating to of fat and calories.

More organic compound

Add further amounts of organic compound into your diet to spice up rate. this may assist you support muscle mass. organic compound in addition helps build muscle. Muscles are actually to blame for burning further calories. organic compound is in addition helpful as associate drug via making you’re feeling full faster and longer as compared to carbohydrates. Listed below ar variety of the only protein-rich food choices for you to lose weight:

farm cheese
Red meat
No Dinner

There is a affiliation between weight loss and sleep. once you sleep, you don’t burn various calories. Another draw back is that you {simply|that you just} simply aren’t terribly active throughout sleep. Hence, the food you have got got had will not be burnt. And presumptively, the food gets keep as fat. so it’s higher to possess flare dinner (soup and salad) at relating to 7:00 among the evening.

Sleep Early

Staying up very late ends up in wish to eat further carbohydrates and sweet foods. Hence, it is necessary that you {simply|that you just} simply sleep early. And bear in mind that your body is supposed to sleep within the dead of night. so allow your body to rest.

Ice Water

You must have detected that drinking a minimum of eight glasses of water daily is useful for health. It helps in weight loss. However, entirely some ar aware of the particular proven fact that drinking drink tends to accelerate the load loss technique. As per a recent analysis, it has been prompt that drinking drink can facilitate in burning calories via increasing rate.

No Emotional uptake

Emotions can really trigger hunger and a peculiar wish to eat quite is required by the body. a range of emotions ar to blame for ‘emotional uptake syndrome’ like stress, boredom, sadness, anger, and anxiety. Hence, it is necessary that you {simply|that you just} simply grasp your hunger signals precisely and eat entirely what is required.

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LED Driver

LED Driver may be a confusing a part of diode technology. There area unit such a large amount of differing kinds and variations that it will appear a touch overwhelming now and then. That’s why I needed to write down a fast post explaining the varieties, what makes them totally different, and belongings you ought to seek for once selecting the diode driver(s) for your lighting application.


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