S1 Foot Pod by Polar Review

If you own a Polar heart rate watch, you can pair it with a Polar S1 Foot Pod to measure the speed, distance and pace of your running workouts. Whether you’re running in preparation for a 5K race, a marathon, or simply for your health, the foot pod can help ensure that you are getting the right training to meet your fitness goals.

One of the first things that people notice about the S1 Foot Pod is its accuracy. Even without calibration, the foot pod is reasonably accurate. When correctly calibrated, the accuracy goes up to 99%. It gives results very close to that of a GPS receiver. See S1 Foot Pod review below..

Product Features

  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Shock and water resistant
  • Battery life is 20 hours on average

Foot Pod by Polar ReviewFoot Pod- How It Works

The foot pod is a small device that works with your speed and distance monitor (SDM) to determine your speed and distance traveled. This device is attached to your shoe and uses an accelerometer to estimate your stride length. Your SDM watch uses the data from the foot pod to approximate your speed and distance. Like other devices of this nature, the S1 Foot Pod must be calibrated to get accurate results.


Out of the box, the S1 Foot Pod is at least 97% accurate. For greater accuracy, the foot pod must be calibrated to your stride. A foot pod that has been calibrated correctly can be up to 99 percent accurate.

Tough and Durable

The S1 Foot Pod is designed and built for durability. It is shock-resistant and water-resistant up to 2 meters. You can use the foot pod even under the rain but it should not be worn while swimming.


Polar manufactures many different models of heart rate watches and training computers. The S1 Foot Pod is not compatible with all models. It works with the FT60, FT80, FT80 G1, RS400, RS400sd, RS200, RS300X, RS300Ssd, and RS300X G1.

When purchasing the S1 Foot Pod, make sure it is compatible with your Polar device.


The S1 Foot Pod uses one AAA battery. It has an average battery life of 20 hours.

Using the S1 Foot Pod

If you are serious about your running, it’s important to have a training device that can help you keep track of your pace and distance. The S1 Footpod will help ensure that you are running at the desired speed or pace. It will also help you keep track of the number of miles you have run, so you will know if you are progressing as planned with your training program.

The Foot Pod is very easy to use. To attach the unit, simply slide the fork under the laces of your shoe. Tighten the shoelace to secure the fork and attach the foot pod to the fork.

GPS Receiver vs. Foot Pod

Monitors that track your speed and distance can use a wrist-mounted GPS receiver or a shoe-mounted foot pod. Both types of devices have their advantages and disadvantages. GPS receivers are very accurate and do not require calibration but the accuracy may be compromised if you are inside a building or if satellite signals are blocked by trees or tall buildings. A foot pod works equally well in open terrain or in a covered gym but it may not be as accurate as a GPS unit. It also needs to be properly calibrated for either running or walking to get the most accurate results.


  • Very light
  • Accurate when calibrated correctly
  • Provides an accurate measure of distance and pace
  • Provides motivation to exercise
  • Can be used on a treadmill or on the road


  • Needs calibration from time to time
  • Large size
  • Somewhat pricey
  • Not compatible with all Polar devices

What Customers Say

A number of customers noted that the foot pod is sensitive to a person’s stride length. Thus, it has to be calibrated for running, walking, or working out on a treadmill. If your spouse also uses the device, the foot pod must be re-calibrated for him or her.

Many customers find the foot pod comfortable to wear. It is so light that they hardly notice they are wearing the device. They say the foot pod does not get in the way of their workout.

Although the S1 Foot Pod is very light, it is also quite large. One or two customers remarked that they are not too happy with the way it looks on their shoe. This is particularly true for individuals (mostly women) with smaller shoe sizes.

The foot pod is attached to the shoe with a fork or shoe clip secured into position under the shoe lace. Some customers find it tricky to attach the device to the shoe. One customer who is into barefoot or minimalist running also lamented the fact that he could not use the foot pod with his Vibram Five Fingers.

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