New Weight Loss Program Makes it Easy and Fun to Count Calories

The Holidays are upon us. The work parties and family gatherings are in full swing. With all this good cheer and camaraderie come lots of delicious foods and many of our favorite drinks. When the Holidays are over many Americans realize they’ve packed on a few too many pounds since Thanksgiving, and they will be going on their annual post-Holiday diet.

Every January millions of Americans begin the painstaking effort of reducing their waistlines by going on diets. The types of diets we attempt are as varied as the ingredients in Aunt Merla’s secret fruitcake recipe. Nearly all weight loss plans have one ingredient in common — counting calories. Monitoring calorie intake can be a real hassle and usually isn’t done very well by dieters past the first day.

One new weight loss program, Calorie Cash, helps dieters track calories by following a simple monetary system and making calorie counting fun. Calorie Cash works in conjunction with nearly all other weight loss plans. This patent-pending program provides dieters Calorie Cash that they can use to “buy” the food and drink they consume. By learning to spend Calorie Cash to “pay” for all the food and beverages they intake, users of Calorie Cash end up limiting their caloric intake and losing weight.

Calorie Cash was invented by Paul Hack, a former overweight person, well known investment consultant, and now founder of Calorie Cash. Hack, like many others, has attempted dozens of other dieting programs. He’s tried pills, shots, books, and meetings with success losing some weight, but he just couldn’t keep it off. Understanding money and how it motivates people led Hack to create Calorie Cash. “As Americans we’re all pretty good at spending money, so Calorie Cash makes it real easy for anybody to follow the program,” states Hack.

As the program’s first test subject, Hack lost 30 pounds in a few months using Calorie Cash — and he has been able to keep it off longer than he was able to with any of the other diets he tried. “I think the program is a natural complement to any weight loss program out there. Calorie Cash helps dieters have fun tracking their calories. And when people stay within the target range of caloric intake that they’ve set for themselves, they lose weight, and keep it off,” remarks Hack.

Hack maintains that Calorie Cash works because it makes keeping track of what you eat, and losing weight, simple and fun. To help participants in the Calorie Cash plan plot their weight loss and budget their Calorie Cash, an online Weight Loss Calculator is available on the company’s website at . All you have to do is fill in a few blanks and the Weight Loss Calculator will automatically determine the number of daily calories that you can eat, and how long it will take you to reach your goal weight.


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