LED Driver

LED Driver may be a confusing a part of diode technology. There area unit such a large amount of differing kinds and variations that it will appear a touch overwhelming now and then. That’s why I needed to write down a fast post explaining the varieties, what makes them totally different, and belongings you ought to seek for once selecting the diode driver(s) for your lighting application.


What is associate degree diode driver you may ask? associate degree diode driver is associate degree device that regulates power to associate degree diode or a string of LED Driver mistreatment one is extremely necessary in preventing harm to your diodes because the forward voltage (Vf) of a high-octane LED changes with temperature. Forward Voltage is that the quantity of volts the sunshine emitting diode needs to conduct electricity and light-weight up. As temperature will increase, the forward voltage of the diode decreases, inflicting the diode to draw additional current. The diode can still get hotter and draw additional current till the diode burns itself out, this is often additionally called Thermal Runaway. The diode driver may be a self-contained power offer that has outputs that area unit matched to the electrical characteristics of the LED(s). This helps avoid thermal runaway because the constant current diode driver compensates for the changes within the forward voltage whereas delivering a continuing current to the diode.


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